50 Days Happier: Day 6 – The Next Frontier

I’m back from vacation, exhausted, and planning to use the next couple of days to recover from vacation. I know…

I have to admit that I spent more than a few minutes this past week deciding what to tackle next for the challenge. I did, however, manage to pry my mind away from “productive” things from time to time and I definitely feel better, happier, for it. Here are a couple of pictures of the scenery from our camping vacation.

Now that I am back in the house, I have decided to tackle the kitchen.  This is going to be a significant undertaking for a couple of reasons.  First, the kitchen is shared space, which means that I wont be able  to unilaterally make decisions.  This, I am admittedly really nervous about. I am married to a collector of little things and there have been more than a few disagreements about the volume of “stuff” over the years.  Second, the kitchen is home to more than one activity.  Until very recently, the bulk of my homebrewery was spread around the kitchen and adjacent laundry room. Though I have made some serious efforts to relocate the bulkiest and ugliest equipment, there is still a lot of stuff around and it needs somewhere to go.  (Fortunately, I have a place waiting…I’ll cover that in my next post.) Finally, we are renters and there’s only so much “changing” we can do to the kitchen.  Lot’s of solutions that come to mind would require permanent reconfigurations and we just don’t have the freedom to do that.

Still, just chewing on these three considerations has given me enough to start working out a plan.  I think this project, unlike the wardrobe, is going to be pretty long term.  Here’s hoping for good results!


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