50 Days Happier: Day 4 – Wardrobe Accomplished

So excited.

I’ve finished my wardrobe reduction.  While I wasn’t keeping count, I am pretty positive that my wardrobe is about 30% – 40% of what it used to be.  More importantly, it’s better organized and composed only of things I will actually wear.  After getting started and setting some clear rules and guidelines, this really wasn’t difficult at all.  I’m glad I started the challenge with something so “doable”.  Now I have some momentum for what comes next.

Here’s what I learned from going through this process.

Now if something falls off the hanger, it’ll hit the floor.
  • I still have a lot of clothing. When I look at the huge piles of clothes I will be throwing away and donating, I feel as though my drawers and closet should be nearly empty.  This isn’t really the case.  I still have plenty of clothes. Obviously, I didn’t really have a sense of just how much weathered and unworn fabric was cluttering my dresser and closet.
  • I now have room to maneuver.   You are going to think I am a little nutty, but after the clear out, I just kept pushing my clothes back and forth on the rack…because I could.  I opened and closed my drawers over and over to see neatly folded piles with space around them.  Being able to actually SEE and reach my clothes is more satisfying than I realized it would be.
  • I gained some storage. A wonderful bi-product of going through this process has been the opening up of some storage space.  I’m now able to store my hand weights, foam roller, and resistance bands in the closet.  Previously they were conspicuously propped up in the corner of the living room.  Both spaces are happier now.
  • I might make a little money.  During my sorting, I found that I was able to add a fourth pile to the throw away, thrift, and gift piles. The added sell pile, while small, ended up being a larger than I expected.  Making even a few bucks would be some sweet icing on this cake.
  • I’ll have to change my laundry habits.  One thing a big wardrobe lets you do is put off doing laundry.  I’ve only been at this for a couple of days, but it’s clear that I am going to have wash my laundry more often to keep things in rotation. The upside is that I wont be doing as much laundry at a time.
  • I may keep going. Though I am really happy with the results of the clear out, there are still a number of things I kept because I was unable to make a decision.  Once I live with my newly trim wardrobe for a while, I will reassess and see if it makes sense to hold on to those things.
  • It’s one-in one-out from here on.  I plan to run my closet and dresser like a packed bar from this day forward. If something new comes in, something old’s gotta leave.


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