Sourced in Dave Infante’s THRILLIST article

I’M IN A CRAFT BEER BAR IN BROOKLYN,sipping a $9 stout and looking for black people. “Juicy” is on the speakers, and Notorious B.I.G. grew up a five-minute walk from my barstool here on the dividing line between Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. This is a traditionally black neighborhood, but right now, at 10:30pm on a Thursday, the only people in the bar are me (white), the bartender (white), and a stocky guy with a beard down at the end mouthing lyrics and nursing a bomber of what looks like Hill Farmstead (he’s white, too).

My search isn’t going well so far.

UntitledDamn, that Infante can drop a hell of a lede. These are the opening lines to a recent THRILLIST (I think you have to say it in all caps right?) feature, There are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here’s Why, in which I play the dubious role of “expert” source.  Many thanks to Dave for the conversation and including some of the more lucid of my thoughts.


Guest Appearance on The Beer Curmudgeons Podcast

beercurmudgeonsI recently appeared as a featured guest on Episode #9 – “Why are we so male? Why are we so White?” of The Beer Curmudgeons podcast.  Collin and Sayre, the podcast’s hosts  are two amazing guys who are “elevating the discourse” around craft beer.  If you like thinking, and you like craft beer, and thinking about craft beer makes you feel all atwitter, you should definitely check it out!