Discipline…It’s Actually A Four Letter Word

If it were only this simple…

From Week 1 of the planned 15-week beta-read for Independence until now, I have enjoyed the freedom to think about, distribute, revise, and edit the chapters of this novella at the relatively low-key pace of an academic winter break.  Of course lots of was going on–fielding family, prepping new courses, working around the house, “resting,” and working on the manuscript for my monograph on the American Brewing Industry–but none of these things have a looming deadline, a sense of structure, or a pace weighty enough to really inspire me to put my ass in gear.

All of this has changed with the beginning of the spring semester and the requirement to perpetually “be somewhere” and/or “do something” in alignment with precise coordinates in space-time.  Classes, presentations, faculty meetings, office hours, committee work, grading, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

As such, I am going to be  putting my money (and by money I mean time, because this is the most valuable currency I trade in) where my mouth is and implement some disciplined scheduling of my writing/revision/editing time, not only for the novella, but for all of the other writing I do.  This is of course something I have been SAYING that I am going to do for just about forever.  Disciplined scheduling of writing time is among the recommended practices of just about every prolific human I know.  But, to be honest, it has evaded me for a while.

So, along with all the new and shiny things I am attempting these days, disciplined “speculative fiction author time” will grace the top of the list.  Wish me luck!

Download Chapter 4

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