Carolina Bound

Two words folks….Basketball. Tickets.

As of summer 2007, I will be packing up my belongings and heading to Chapel Hill, NC – which is charmingly referred to by the locals as “the southern part of heaven” or something along those lines. Until I get that particular colloquialism down, I will call it basketball country.

In August, I will be starting a Ph.D. program in Communication Studies. Amazingly enough, I was awarded the William N. Reynolds Fellowship. UNC’s University Fellows are selected through a university-wide competition among hundreds of incoming doctoral students nominated by their departments as showing the most promise for success in graduate education. The fellowship provides a competitive stipend for five academic years, health insurance, full tuition, fees, and two non-service years with no teaching/research requirement.

I am both honored and tremendously excited to have the opportunity to continue my education at UNC. While there will be some difficult days ahead choosing who to cheer for when my two Alma Matters play head to head in ACC athletic competition (Go Hokies or Go Heels?), I am happy to adding “Tarheel” to my repertoire.

Hooray for free college!