Conference Activity and Speaking Engagements

Recent Speaking Engagements

Plenary Address – “Diversifying Craft Beer”
NC Craft Brewers Conference
November 7 – 9, 2017:

Lecture – “Food Access and Incarceration”
26th Annual Helen Clark Berlind Symposium
October 22, 2017:

Keynote Address – 2017 Randolph College Baccalaureate Service: “Letters from a Contemporary Stoic”
2017 Commencement Exercises of Randolph College
the May 2017

Panelist: Civil Political Dialogue
PVCC Civic Leadership Conference
April 2017

Guest Lecture: “Unpacking the American Brewing Industry”
Randolph College American Culture Program
February 2017

Keynote Address: “Craft Beer Culture: Troubling Our Thirst for a Better Brew”
Something’s Brewing: A Symposium on Craft Beer Culture
Oklahoma Center for the Humanities, Tulsa OK
November 2016

Conference Presentations

“Don’t get me wrong, I love white guys with beards…”: Reconciling blackness and craft beer culture.
Popular Culture Association/American Studies Association, San Diego, CA.
April 2017

From Corner Store to Commissary: Placing Correctional Food Systems in the Food Justice Movement.
Cultural Studies Association, Villanova, PA.
June 2016

The orthodoxy of the farmers market: Popular constructions of the green economy, poverty alienation, and the question of urban food sovereignty.
Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Studies Association, Baltimore, MD.
November 2014

Craft Beer and the Technologies of Subculture.
National Communication Association, New Orleans, LA.
November 2011

Food and Drink: Engaging the Logics of New Mediation.
Media Ecology Association, Orono, ME.
June 2010
** Recipient of Linda Elson Scholar Award for Top Student Paper

De-coloniality and Domestic Resistance: Everyday Life inside/outside the Academy.
National Communication Association – San Diego, CA.
November 2008

From Subcultures to Micro-networks: Revising the Modern Narrative of Progress.
National Communication Association – San Diego, CA.
November 2008

Ideological Crystal Lattice or Machine Gun Critique?: The Simpsons Itchy and Scratchy Land.
National Communication Association – San Diego, CA.
November 2008

There’s No ‘I’ in Token: Resistance, Complicity, and the Activist Potential of Tokenism.
Western States Communication Association – Seattle, WA.
February 2007

Communicating Art-work: Queering the Construction of Feminine Gender Identities.
National Communication Association – San Antonio, TX.
December 2006

Discord and the Academy: An Interdisciplinary Artistic Dialogue on Identity and the Future of Qualitative Research.
Coauthored with Thomas J. Condon, Jr.
International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry – Champaign-Urbana, IL.
May 2006

When ‘Queer’ is not: Subverting the Subversive through Binary Identity Construction.
Western States Communication Association – Palm Springs, CA.
February 2006