Without light is a work of serialized speculative fiction. Novella-length installments are released every 2-4 months.  Currently, four multi-part “Cycles” are planned. Part 1 and Part 2 of the Independence Cycle are currently available on Amazon.com.

About the Series

Two and a half centuries in the future, the United States no longer exists, and daily life for the residents of New England resembles nothing their recent ancestors might have imagined. Physically and politically isolated, citizens of the new sovereign state live in a single, sprawling, highly segregated urban landscape. Centuries old social divisions have now consolidated and dramatically shape where people live, how people work, and most importantly what people consume. Once a harmless idiom, you are what you eat is now an incontrovertible doctrine–the key to good health, great influence, and immeasurable power. Few understand this better than Civet Olkin, founder of Bītlogik, New England’s first Gastronomic Relations consultancy.

After Walker Wilson–infamous professional football player and one of Bītlogik’s biggest clients–commits a devastating gustatory mishap, Civet must scramble to save her reputation and her firm. When Civet stumbles onto an explosive chain of secrets connected to Karceral Agriculture, the powerful government-backed farm responsible for feeding the state’s 800 million residents, the Wilson scandal proves to be much more than a professional quagmire. Beset with a crisis of conscience and stalked by those who would go to any lengths to keep secrets silent, Civet must find a way out or be consumed by the food system that holds the state in thrall.

Inspiration for the Series

WITHOUT LIGHT is a product of my thinking and research in Critical Food Studies.  Specifically, it is drawn from my attempts to understand the social and cultural dimensions of food systems that exacerbate conditions of inequality.

Coordinated movements like organics, slow food, fair trade, locavorism, and food sovereignty; and specific initiatives like farmer’s markets, CSAs, urban community gardens, gleaning programs, and food hubs, are all efforts aimed at changing what many readily call a broken and fundamentally unjust American food system–a food system that has a profoundly negative effect on millions. Michael Pollan put it wonderfully when he wrote, “[this is] the challenge — to change the system more than it changes you.”

But what if we don’t? What if we can’t?

These are the questions that drive WITHOUT LIGHT, the series imagines life in a future United States, where trends in our current food system have evolved to their (il)logical ends.

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